About Us

Cerra Metalworks Pty Ltd manufacture a vast range on metal building products including vertical & horizontal Control Gap Ties, veneer ties, cavity wall ties, column fixing ties ,roof anchoring systems, block / brick work wall stiffeners, brick lintels and  T-Bars. Cerra’s lines of engineered products satisfy or exceed the requirements of AZ/.NZS 2699.2:2000 and 3700. 

Cerra has to offer design help to all architects, engineers and builders. For that out of the ordinary applications where special fixing brackets are required for non standard connections that sometimes occur on construction sites.

Our plant is located at North Coburg (Victoria) and is equipped to provide the following services:

  • manufacturing of small metal componentry
  • design & development of new products
  • assembly and welding services
  • cut to size metal, primed and galvanized
  • wire and flat bar forming
  • hole punching and slotting
  • 3mtr shear by 6mm thick
  • tube bending

We also resell an extensive range of building products such as dampcourse, galvanized lintels, timber connectors, expansion joint sealants, fasteners, sisalation, metal door frames and much much more.




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