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For timber or steel stud construction (Type A / 50mm cavity) choose the Isolation and Thermal Break Washer Face-Fix Veneer Tie by Cerra Metal Works.

Suited for universal applications, this face-fix veneer tie is thermally broken so you can create an insulated barrier. As an isolated tie, it allows you to use a stainless tie with a galvanized screw and frame. With an included driver, it is quicker to deploy- and comes with a screw fastener for quicker installation time and less frame loosening.

The Isolation and Thermal Break Washer Face-Fix Veneer Tie by Cerra Metal Works consist of a greater fastener tensile load and is suited for clay bricks with a maximum cavity of 50mm. Australian-design & tested, it conforms to corrosion resistance set by AS/NZS 2699.2:2020 / AS 3700.


  • S/Drilling treated pine screws 8g X 32mm galvanised class 3 finished / SS 316 (Timber)
  • S/Drilling hex head 8g X 12mm galvanised class 3 finished / SS 316 (Metal)
  • 30mm X 2.8mm dia connector nail galvanised/ SS 316 (Timber)
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Original Article posted on Spec-net: https://www.spec-net.com.au/press/0123/cmw_250123/Isolation-and-Thermal-Break-Washer-Face-Fix-Veneer-Tie-by-Cerra-Metal-Works

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